Grayscale buys over 4,700 Bitcoins in 48 hours

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Grayscale Investments added 2,612 bitcoins to its assets under management on January 14.

The purchase is 2.9 times the total BTC mined over an average 24 hour period.

Grayscale reports growing institutional demand for its products, in particular the GBTC.

Grayscale Investments added 2,612 BTC to its assets under management on January 14, following purchases of 2,172 bitcoins the day before.

The Grayscale investment fund said in a new report that the surge in demand over the past year came mostly from institutional investors.

Grayscale continues to buy rather than mine Bitcoin

As BeInCrypto previously reported, Grayscale Investments was one of the biggest buyers of cryptocurrency in 2020. Purchases increased in the fourth quarter, with the company adding more than $ 3 billion of digital currencies to its assets under management in one. one week, and just before the end of the year.

Grayscale now contains over $ 25 billion in cryptocurrency. The higher entry cost following the price hike of the past two months, however, did not deter the investment fund.

According to a Twitter account tracking the company’s bitcoin purchases , it added more than 4,700 BTC between January 13 and 14.

As pointed out above, Thursday’s purchase of 2,612 BTC is almost three times the total Bitcoin awarded to miners over the same period. On average, miners receive a share of around 900 bitcoins per day.

The rising demand for bitcoin that Grayscale reported in 2020 has not abated in the new year. The company’s fourth-quarter 2020 digital asset investment report found that investors pumped roughly $ 5.7 billion into Grayscale assets last year.

With an average of $ 90 million per week, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust ( GBTC ) is the most popular Grayscale product. It accounts for the lion’s share of the $ 109.8 million average weekly investment in all of the company’s products.

The report also notes that investments increased towards the end of the year. The last quarter saw a total of $ 3.3 billion invested in the Grayscale family of products, with an average of $ 217.1 million per week in the GBTC .

Grayscale notes that most of the demand comes from institutional investors. The company said institutions accounted for 93% of investments made in the fourth quarter.

GBTC received 87% of flows to Grayscale products. The report therefore supports the idea that institutions have started to view BTC (Curve Tor Bitcoin) as a reliable reserve asset.

The investment fund gives up its XRP Trust fund

Although the demand for bitcoin appears to be increasing, the company announced Thursday that it is winding up the XRP Trust fund . The news follows an SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) lawsuit against Ripple Labs, claiming that XRP is an unregistered asset.

Several exchange platforms have announced the complete withdrawal of XRP. Meanwhile, others have temporarily suspended support for XRP until a final court ruling.

In justifying its decision to remove the XRP Trust, Grayscale felt that converting XRP to USD would likely become more difficult with limited “ off-ramps ”. Thereafter, the company will dissolve its offer and return the assets sold to shareholders.